Monday, March 27, 2017


I am about to drop a bomb.

It's something that no one would expect to hear from me...then again, maybe one would...or hope to. I am really not sure. Because the one thing I always thought was clear about people I know is that they are either Supporters or Opponents. But the funny thing is, I've learned that's not true. There are Supporters and Opponents but there are also Questioners and Indifferents.

Also, sometimes Supporters and Opponents switch roles depending on circumstances.

Questioners can be a type to themselves (just enjoying watching people fumble to answer pointed inquiries while having no vested interest) or they can be a sub-type under Supporter (gaining more info to share in your joy/understand your hurt) or Opponent (thinks you could not have possibly thought of all the things they have because you are so very, very wrong).

All four of these types and sub-types of people are important, necessary even! They help shape and define a person. They encourage, exhort, refine, and mold.

How would I ever have courage to try new things without my Supporters?

How would I learn to defend my point of view without being challenged by my Opponents?

Would I be motivated to learn all the information without my Questioners?'re there, that's great, whatever.

Here's my news.

I'm sending a kid to school.

Supporters, thank you.
Opponents, chances are I already know you disagree.
Former Supporters turned Opponents, it's already done so save it.
Former Opponents turned's just one kid. I'm still a homeschooler. So there.

Questioners, here's your conundrum. See, one thing I have always struggled with in my life is being an "explainer". I have always felt an incessant need to describe and explain any and every decision I make to whomever asks. Whether it affects them or not. I am not good at deciphering the honestly interested from the sneaky subversive. Not to mention, it drives Hubby crazy! So  I'm not really going to answer your questions very much at all.

Indifferents, why are you still reading this?

Here is what I will offer Supporters, Opponents, and Questioners of any sort. I will tell you what it is NOT.

This is not because I am tired of homeschooling. I still love it. I am still keeping four kids home.

This is not because of challenging behaviour. I enjoy spending time with this child and I am going to miss her during the day. We have a lot of fun together!

This is not because of a lack of motivation or direction. This child is more focused and goal driven than most adults I know.

This is not because of floundering academics. In fact, the school has placed her in the academic program due to her current overall average.

This is not because of convenience. Nothing convenient about it.

This is not because our beliefs, values, or opinions have changed in any way.

Most importantly, this is not about you. And that's really all you have to know.

Indifferents, it's really not about you.

So before you come at me with all those interrogative sentences and horror stories, realize you'll get nowhere. I have asked and answered all the questions already. There is nothing you can come up with that I haven't thought of over the past decade-plus of homeschooling. For every dramatic homeschool or public school epilogue of some kid gone wrong, I have an equal and opposite example.

We have covered all the bases. Crossed the t's and dotted the i's. Gotten our ducks in a row.

We have prayed.

We are happy, excited, and sure.

So, Supporters, thank you.
Opponents, it's okay to disagree. I love you anyway.
Former Supporters, I hope we can still be friends.
Former Opponents, there's still plenty to argue about.
Indifferents, I'm starting to think you actually care.


momof4boys said...

Questioner #1. Which kid? That's all, and just curious to which one is taking on a new experience. I've only got one left at home.

Steve Ford said...

LOL. I am a staunch Homeschooler at heart!! But I have one in public school. Only one homeschooling and the others are too old. :) There are many reasons to homeschool and many reasons to take a new direction if that's what is best for your kiddo. Happy school days. angela

Traci T. said...

Not sure how my comment got deleted! LOL

It's Mel. :)

Traci T. said...

Thanks! It was definitely an internal war for me for a while but it's the right decision and I'm good with it. :)